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Jair Stenhuijs
Jair Stenhuijs@JairStenhuijs
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I have been using this online Taekwon-Do platform for the past year and it has completely transformed my classes. The instructional videos are top-notch and the workout scheduler has helped me and my students stay on track and reach their goals. The customer service is also excellent - any time I've had a question or needed support, the team has been quick to respond. i highly recommend this platform to any instructor looking to improve their class management and teach unforgettable classes.
Csaba Békássy
Csaba Békássy
@Csaba Békássy
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It's a fantastic library of inspiration and knowledge of taekwon-do. We can learn a lot from the videos, and get new ideas or explore the old ones again. Definitely a tool of a great value!
Gregory A. Permuy
Gregory A. Permuy
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Black Belt Project books, apps and platform have been my companions for years now, helping me as a referee, Taekwon-Do practitioner and club owner. Definitely a must-have for a TKD instructor.
Kamil Klimaszewski
Kamil Klimaszewski
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Great benefits, great tool to improve yourself as a coach. It will soon be on everyone's phone, who wants to be ahead of competition. The functionality of sharing the home workout training scenarios was a great help for me and my students!
Created by Taekwon-Do Practitioners
Proven in the real world by Successful Coaches

Master Jerzy Jedut 8th Degree

37 years experience in Taekwon-do. 23 times awarded a prize “The Best Coach” of Polish Senior TKD Championships. 33 of his students took medals in both World and European Championships. 12 of them took gold medal individually and gained World Champion Title (among them - Jaroslaw Suska). Conducted over 70 seminars and courses in almost 30 countries.

Master Jaroslaw Suska 7th Degree

Called ‘the best pattern performer ever’ by a great many authorities. 6-time World Champion and 21-time European Champion . Those who have had a chance to train at Master Suska’s session know pretty well that he is really tough, demanding, professional, and very serious from the first minute to the very end of the training session. Learn and be inspired.

Master Oleg & Sabum Katya Solovey

They have raised dozens of world and European champions in sparring. Mrs. Katya Solovey is 2-times World Champion, 9-times European Champion and 2-times World Cup Winner in Taekwon-Do ITF in sparring, privately wife of Mr. Oleg Solovey and mother of Mr. Vitaliy Solovey, 3-times World Champion, 4-times European Champion, World and European Cup winner in Taekwon-Do ITF in sparring.

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